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Tracey Farmer looked down upon herself. Her face was purple, her tongue was fat and erratically bobbing in and out of her mouth. She was even biting it, hideous and comical, and little jets of blood were signing themselves on her staff, binding them to her. Her eyes were fixed on nothing but her own private horror, and her body convulsed like so much meat at an abattoir. "Oh my ..."

Short excerpt from Tracey Farmer

This novel does contain explicit content.


Tracey Farmer is almost exactly the same story told twice - a key change affecting the way you will connect, react, rage and rant both with and at the novel. Its journey is rooted in Love that fears expression, a life that fears the brave and lonely choices of steering our human herd in new directions ... directions which, ultimately, come upon us either via our engagement in readiness for them, or our shock and fear if we have ignored their arrival.

But come they have, come they do, and come they will.

I hope you enjoy my novel.

New Year, 2016

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Please note this novel does contain explicit content.


Living on Hove Beach in a sleeping bag as recently as this winter, when only a few years before he'd owned a five bedroomed maisonette in fashionable West London, Shoreham raised Nick Webb is a writer whose faith in his own instinct has taken him to places most of us, probably quite rightly, dare not go.

His novel Tracey Farmer, best described as a riveting cross between Dickens' A Christmas Carol and Constance Briscoe's bestseller Ugly - with of course a nod towards the Tao Te Ching (what else) - takes readers on a journey from seeming outward success in its main protagonist to the realisation that all was façade, sham, horror, deception, and denial - with a twist in its themes that really throws questions at how our 21st Century Metrosexuals define gender and achievement.

Educated at King's Manor, Shoreham, in the early 1980s, a contemporary and academic high achiever with the likes of Paul Johnson (Director of The IFS) and Professor David Horn, he saw that his successful career with BMWs Diplomatic Division in Mayfair was riddled with holes - expressed mainly through his own morbid obesity - although his transition to health and publishing his first novel had the costs associated of divorce, homelessness, poverty, caring for a parent with Alzheimer's, and genuine questions over his own mental health as a burgeoning, and often misfiring, clairvoyance developed in him.

Now living happily in Brighton, the City of his youth, he feels that his homecoming has been blessed to him at the stage of his life he is ready to appreciate it, capitalise on it, and use his influence as a novelist to draw attention to the themes closest to his own heart - addiction therapy, human self-sabotage, the benefits of meditation and cognitive therapies - with of course a little drop of Atlantis and the Archangel Michael thrown in just to keep us all on our toes.

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